Today in the city Palm Beach 21.02.2018
Flood of garbage hits beach in Lebanon, sparks outrage

Incredible images show a flood of trash on a beach in Lebanon that has sparked outrage in the country.

Toys R Us is closing more than 180 stores — here's the full list

Going-out-of-business sales will start in February and end in April.  The closures represent 20% of Toys R Us locations in the US. Toys R Us is planning to close up to 182 stores, which represe...

Terrifying Video: Plane makes nightmare landing during intense windstorm

The pilot of a Eurowings flight managed to safely land his plane despite dramatic and nauseating turbulence on Thursday. There were about 70 passengers onboard the plane as it landed at Amsterdam's Sc...

Trump's Infrastructure Plan is a Pig with Lipstick

Trump’s big infrastructure plan is out and it is a pig with lipstick—he is putting the pork back into the federal funding process after decades of moving towards needs-based federal spending.

I'm a long time MacBook user and tried Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 for a week — here's what I learned (MSFT, AAPL, GOOG)

I have used a MacBook Pro as my main computing machine for the past five years, and switched to Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 for a week to see how the transition was. The hardware is fantastic &mdas...

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump if he wants to drill, 'do it off Mar-a-Lago'

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California and current critic of President Trump, has a message from one Republican former host of The Apprentice to another. "Don't touch California. If you...

Bangladesh Postpones Controversial Plan To Send Rohingya Refugees Back Home

Bangladesh is postponing its attempt to send hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees back to Myanmar. Neither country is ready to start the process and the refugees say their demands for citizenshi...

A big chunk of an apparent White House infrastructure plan would target Trump's rural base

The rural section of the nationwide infrastructure plan would account for about 25 percent of appropriations.

Batista, Boos and Backlash: A Look Back at WWE Royal Rumble 2014

The hero had survived the gauntlet. Batista last flung Roman Reigns out of the ring to win the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble. He lifted himself up and leaned against the ropes, a drained, tattooed g...

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